Are the Terms of My Chevrolet Lease Negotiable?” You Asked, LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter Answers

Are the terms of your Chevrolet lease negotiable? The answer is yes, but the extent to which terms can be negotiated depends on factors such as credit score and budget. Here are some possible negotiables that could be in play for you when you lease from our nearby Chevy dealership.

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Mileage Allowance

It’s important that your lease’s annual mileage allowance fits your driving needs. If you don’t drive a lot, there’s no sense in signing a lease with a high allowance. Contrarily, if you’re on the road a lot then you don’t want to be in a position where you’re going over your mileage allowance, since there is a penalty associated with this.

It’s also possible that the highest available allowance at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter still isn’t enough for your driving needs. If this is the case the exact number of extra miles you need and the cost for those extra miles could be negotiated.

Buyout Price

For a lot of car shoppers, leasing is a steppingstone to car ownership. And in some cases, our leasing customers decide to buy their leased Chevy Traverse or new Chevy Equinox before their agreement has expired. This is called a ‘buyout’.

The earlier you’re able to let our sales team know that you’re interested in purchasing the car, the better your chances of negotiating a reduced buyout price. In select cases, it might also be possible to negotiate the buyout down to an amount lower than the what the car’s anticipated market value would be at the end of the lease term.

Trade-In Value

If you’re trading in your car, this becomes an important part of the Chevy financing process for leasing your next vehicle. The more value you can get for your trade-in, the more you can use for the lease down payment – which in turn lowers your monthly payments.

Step one is to ensure your trade-in is in great condition before we appraise it. From here, there may be some negotiating room depending on the make/model/year of the car, and other factors.

Lease a Chevy Model Today

As long as you’re ok with the limitations that come with leasing a car, a Chevy lease is a great way to drive a new car with lower monthly payments than an auto loan. Make an appointment today with our local Chevy dealers and let’s talk further about trims and terms.