Benefits of Buying Used Cars

There are so many great benefits to consider when shopping for used cars. These new-to-you models can be a great money-saving investment. Come visit us at LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter in Dexter, MI to have a look for yourself.

Variety, Quality, and Features on Used Cars

Choosing to buy used greatly expands your inventory of potential cars to buy. Our dealership has hundreds of different used cars for you to choose from at any given time. This inventory includes cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. All these used cars come with many of the same or similar features to their new counterparts.
So, when opt to buy used, you are not making any sacrifices when it comes to safety or special features. Both of which are important factors to include in your shopping process and ultimate buying decision. Quality is another key factor to consider when you are looking for used cars to buy.

When you buy from our Chevy dealer in Dexter, you know you are getting a reliable and safe used car. All our used models undergo a top to bottom inspection process before being listed on our dealership lot. Many of our used cars also come with a complete vehicle history report.

Price, Upkeep Costs, and Depreciation of Used Cars

Buying a used car is a great way to save money. Used cars require a much smaller down payment, lower monthly car payments, and in some cases no financing at all. To make shopping for used cars even more budget-friendly, our Chevrolet dealership offers specials on used models as well as a select inventory of used cars that are priced under $10K.
One thing you may not know about buying used as opposed to new is how much cheaper the upkeep costs of your car will be. Used cars have a much cheaper vehicle registration fee and lower insurance costs. These lower upkeep fees make buying used a more affordable option in the long run for many drivers compared to buying new.
Finally, used cars do not have to face the dreaded new car depreciation the minute you drive off our dealership lot. Because they are used, they have already depreciated and will not experience a sharp decrease in value.

Stop into LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter today to test-drive some of our used cars. Our Dexter, MI location offers an onsite Chevy service center to handle all your vehicle maintenance and car repairs. Go online to view our Chevy used car deals.