Chevrolet A/C Service: What You Need to Know

2022 chevy malibu on road

Does your vehicle need certified Chevrolet service for the a/c system? We here at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter are here to help get you’re a/c working again. Our certified Chevy service center is the place to go when your car’s a/c system needs a once-over, part replacement, or anything else.

Why is the A/C System Important?

Your car’s a/c system does more than you may realize. Aside from keeping you cool during the summer months, a car’s a/c system plays a part in defrosting your windshield and air filtration. Because of this, it is crucial that your car’s a/c system is in good shape.

Air conditioning is more important than you may think. Temperature issues while driving are a major distraction and even a health hazard during sweltering summer days. Keeping your car cool also helps ensure your kids and pets are safe from the hot sun.

To keep you’re a/c in pristine condition, regular service including refrigerant flushes, a/c recharges, inspections, and parts replacements are necessary. If you notice that your car’s a/c does not seem to be working right or simply want to make sure it’s in good condition, get in contact with our team of certified technicians and they can take a look.

What can go Wrong in your car’s A/C System?

The a/c system in your Chevy vehicle will often give you signals when something is wrong. If you notice you’re a/c unit blowing warm air, significant changes in airflow, odd sounds, or leaking of fluids, then it’s time to get you’re a/c serviced by a specialist. These symptoms are indicative of an underlying issue with your car’s a/c system.

There are a variety of things that could cause a/c issues including a clogged condenser, electrical issues, or a faulty compressor. An experienced service tech is needed to determine the exact cause of the issue, which is where our experienced service team comes in.

When you need Chevrolet a/c service, the team at our Chevy dealership in Dexter, MI is ready to help. If you already know what part you need, fill out our online Chevy parts ordering form for a jump start on your car’s service. We’ll help get you’re a/c system back up and running so you can stay cool and have the best driving experience possible.