Choosing the Right Oil for Your Chevy

Chevy vehicles are built to last, but any car requires regular maintenance, including an oil change following the manufacturer’s guidelines. While you may understand why oil changes matter, you might be confused over which type of motor oil to choose.

LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter offers this guide to help you understand the different types of oils so you can decide. Oil Service at LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter

Types of Motor Oil

Motor oil can be broken down into four basic categories: conventional, synthetic, synthetic blends, and high mileage. The difference mainly comes down to how the oil is engineered.

1. Conventional Oils

This is the most common type of oil. You can find conventional oils formulated with a range of viscosity grades and quality levels. It’s an ideal oil for light-duty, late-model vehicles with average mileage and a simple engine design.

2. Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils go through a chemically engineered process, which produces oil molecules that are uniform in shape. The molecules also have fewer impurities and better properties. This makes synthetic oil ideal for high and low temperature performance.

Auto experts recommend synthetic oil if you have a vehicle that must perform at peak levels, since it offers a high level of lubrication. The downside is that synthetic oils can be expensive when compared to conventional oils.

3. Synthetic Blends

Synthetic blends are formulated with a mix of conventional and synthetic base oils. Other additives and properties are included in order to offer better resistance to oxidation.

This type of oil also does really well in low temperature environments. Because it is a mixture, synthetic blends can be a smart way to switch from conventional oil. Plus, the lower price vs. synthetic oil makes it appealing for many car owners.

4. High-Mileage Oils

This type of oil is designed for late model vehicles, as well as newer vehicles with over 75,000 miles. The unique additives and formulation process helps reduce burn-off and oil consumption. It can also prevent leaks, which are common in older vehicles.

Auto Service at LaFontaine Chevrolet

Our Chevy service center is here to ensure your Chevy Blazer SUV stays in peak condition for the life of the vehicle. Our factory-trained technicians use state-of-the-art Chevy parts and equipment to assess your vehicle’s condition and keep it running like new. So the next time you need service or an oil change, head to our Chevrolet dealership in Dexter, MI.