Introducing the next generation in protection. To keep your new vehicle looking just like the day you took delivery, you need ECP Plus® The Next Generation in Protection to fight back against accelerated appearance depreciation.

What does ECP’s products do to my vehicle to protect it?

ECP provides a professionally applied multi-step system to protect a vehicle for years to come.

I purchased the paint protection, can I wax my vehicle?

ECP’s Environmental Paint protection has been scientifically tested to provide continuous protection for years to come. It virtually eliminates the need for monthly tiresome waxing. Further, many over the counter waxes contain harmful abrasives and chemical cleaners, which can ruin your vehicle’s appearance. We recommend the use of your ECP Care kit to safely clean your vehicle and remove harmful road tar, car wash films, insects, bird droppings and tree sap.

What is the best way to restore shine to a dulled exterior painted surface?

Three factors can cause a lack of gloss or shine:
– Oxidation
– Scratches
– No protection

Oxidation occurs when the sun’s ultraviolet rays deplete the paint’s natural oils and resins. Scratches prevent light from reflecting uniformly from the painted surface, which limits gloss. In order to restore gloss, oxidation, and scratches must be removed. Once the surface is free of oxidation and scratches (see “Question How to safely remove oxidation and scratches from exterior painted surfaces?”) and any swirl marks caused during buffing are removed (see Question “How do I remove swirl marks on painted exterior surfaces?”), a Wax and/or Surface Protector should be applied to protect the surface against further oxidation and to improve the shine.

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