Four Benefits of Purchasing a Used EV

EV plug in port

Chances are that if you made it to this page, you’re interested in reducing your fuel emissions without breaking the bank. That’s why we’re here to take you through the top four reasons you should look into purchasing a used EV. This can be an excellent option for anyone regardless of their vehicle needs or budget, and we can help you through the whole process.

1. Purchasing Used is Cost Effective

This is true no matter which one of our pre-owned Chevrolet models you’re looking to buy since new cars depreciate in value much more quickly. Electric vehicles come with the added benefit of saving you money at the gas pump since you won’t need to fill up on fuel as often.

2. Used EVs Require Simple Maintenance

It can feel grueling getting oil changes every few months, but you won’t have that problem with a used EV. Chevys that use alternative engines and fuel types typically require simpler and less frequent maintenance.

That doesn’t mean that you can skip out on the maintenance you do need, though. Make sure to schedule Chevy service at our dealership to keep your vehicle in great condition for years to come.

3. You’re Reducing your Fuel Emissions

This is a benefit for a myriad of reasons! Using less oil and gas is better for the environment in a time when it’s essential to be more conscious about how much energy we’re using. Driving electric is a tangible way for you to make a difference and buying used also means that you’re keeping a vehicle out of a junkyard or landfill.

Plus, it saves you trips to the gas station and can keep you on the road for longer periods of time.

4. Financing is a Breeze

All of us at our dealership are committed to setting you up for financial success. The specialized staff in our Chevy finance center can guide you through the purchasing process once you’ve found the perfect used EV for your lifestyle. We’ll work with you and your unique budget and set up a payment plan that suits your specific needs.

Come into LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter with any further questions you may have about purchasing pre-owned or details about Chevy electric vehicles. We’re excited to get to know you!