How Can Buying a Used Car Benefit You?

Used Cars Near Me

Are you looking for Dexter used cars? If so, we invite you to take a short trip over to our Dexter, MI Chevrolet dealership to check out our extensive inventory of pre-owned Chevy cars. You might not realize it but purchasing a pre-owned model can benefit you in some meaningful ways.

Lower Purchase Price and Greater Flexibility

While there are exceptions, previously owned vehicles typically cost less than new automobiles. With pre-owned cars costing less than new vehicles, drivers often realize they can step up to a higher model or trim without spending more than they originally intended to. That increased flexibility makes shopping for a previously owned car a delightful endeavor.

Chevy Used Car Deals

We’re proud to offer Chevy used car deals on our website. Qualified motorists can drive down the price of a pre-owned model even more by taking advantage of one of our offers.

Reduced Insurance Premiums and Registration Fees

Our team of Chevrolet dealers in Michigan can tell you that costing less isn’t the only way a pre-owned vehicle can help you keep more money in your pocket. Used cars are normally less expensive to register and insure compared to new automobiles. That means getting a pre-owned model will help you continue to save money for years after you purchase the car.

More Variety

When you look through the previously vehicles at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter, you’ll see that our used car inventory includes automobiles manufactured by the Chevy brand along with models produced by other trusted carmakers. As a result, our selection of pre-owned vehicles has more variety than our new car inventory.

Slower Depreciation

New automobiles depreciate very quickly in the first few years they’re privately owned. While pre-owed vehicles lose value too, they do so at a slower rate. Since a used car depreciates slower, you’ll retain more equity in a previously owned model than you would if you’d purchased a new car instead.

Easy Financing

Drivers who want to finance a pre-owned vehicle will enjoy a pleasant experience when they work with the pros in our Chevy finance center. Applying for a loan for a previously owned automobile is similar to doing the same for a new car. Most motorists who apply for a loan through our Chevrolet finance center secure financing quickly, and we can help you do the same.

To enjoy the benefits used cars provide, visit LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter to find and finance a pre-owned model today.

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