How to Buy Chevrolet Parts Through our Website

At some point down the line, your Chevy vehicle is going to need some Chevy parts after others suffer from wear and tear. When that happens, you are going to want to make sure that you are getting authentic Chevrolet parts from a reputable Chevy service center like the one here at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter.

Buying/Ordering Chevrolet Parts

If you need to order a specific Chevrolet part, you can find them on our website. Fill in your contact information as well as the info on the part and your Chevy vehicle. We will give you an idea of how long it will take to arrive and what it will cost. After the part arrives, the trained technicians at our Chevy service center can even install it for you.

Why Buy/Order Chevrolet Parts with Us

When you buy or order Chevrolet parts at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter, you aren’t just getting parts; you are getting next level Chevrolet service. We will teach you about your Chevy vehicle, and will help you find the best Chevy part to order for your vehicle. Whether you drive a Chevy car, truck or SUV, we will find the part that works best for it.

If you are looking for Chevrolet tires for your Chevy vehicle we will honor any beat tire price from a certified competitor. We will even help you find Chevrolet tires for your vehicle! Simply hop onto our website and search by your vehicle’s year, make, model, trim and the tire size. We will show you the optional tires and their prices.

Our Chevy service center will also conduct a multi-point inspection to make sure that your vehicle is running optimally on all fronts. From performance issues to cosmetic issues, we will make sure that it is going to be just like it was when it first drove off the showroom.

If you are looking for information on your vehicle’s warranties, we can help educate you on what is still covered, and what isn’t. That way you can make sure you aren’t paying for something that is still being covered by the manufacturer.

Make sure you always go with a reputable Chevrolet service center like the one here at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter.