LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter has the Parts Your Car Needs to Perform its Very Best

The reliability of Chevy vehicles is unquestioned, but even the best-engineered automobiles eventually need new parts. That’s why our local Chevy dealership maintains a big selection of genuine Chevrolet parts near Dexter, MI to extend your vehicle’s lifespan, enhance its performance, or both.

Introduction to Chevy Car Parts
Today’s automobiles utilize innumerable parts – some big, some small, and all important. Some of the most important parts at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter include brakes, which of course are essential to safe travels, and the radiator, which keeps your car’s engine cool. Also essential is the transmission, which provides a car’s wheels with the power generated by the engine.

There are also plenty of Chevrolet amenities designed to enhance performance, convenience, and safety. When you search online for “Chevy dealer near me” and come in for a test-drive, we’ll introduce you to upgrades such as remote engine start, rear parking sensors, wireless charging.

Signs That a Part Could be Malfunctioning
Despite the high quality of Chevy parts, you’ll eventually encounter warning signs that it’s time for a replacement. And when that happens, be sure to bring your vehicle into our Chevy service center serving Ann Arbor, MI.

Worn-out brakes are easy to recognize because they squeak and grind. Tires are usually an easy one to spot as well, because you’ll run into problems like drifting, having trouble cornering, or they’re struggling to stay inflated.

In the cabin, a sign that your climate system is failing is lack of cool air on a hot day. On the flipside, if your car is generating excessive heat, you probably need an oil change, a new radiator, and/or new belts.

Make a Chevy Service Appointment Today
Whether you own a Chevy hatchback or a Chevy SUV near Saline, MI, new parts are key. We recommend making a Chevy service appointment at the first sign of trouble so you can avoid a potentially expensive problem down the road.