The Only Chevrolet Service Checklist You’ll Ever Need

It takes more than a gorgeous design and excellent build quality to make a car a clas-sic. Maintenance is the difference between a car that lasts and one that’s old before its time.
A visit to the Chevy service center at LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter gets you the es-sential vehicle maintenance that keeps your vehicle going strong for years to come.

Why Chevy Maintenance is Important
Besides starting with a quality vehicle like the Chevy Silverado 1500, getting your odometer well into six digits is actually pretty simple. Drive carefully, pay attention to your service intervals, and don’t be stingy when it comes to spending on parts and maintenance.
Yes, it’s that simple. One thing that cars share with every other mechanical device on the face of the planet is that time and physics take their toll. We can limit the wear with things like filters, coolant, and motor oil, but even those things wear out and need re-placement. So proper care, and genuine GM parts installed by qualified technicians, are absolutely vital.

Chevrolet Service Checklist
Not sure where to start? Your Chevy dealership near Ann Arbor is as good a place as any, since we’ll remind you when it’s time to stop in. But there’s plenty you can do be-tween visits, too.
Using the right grade of gasoline, inspecting items that are prone to wear (like your wip-ers, tires, and brakes), and even something as simple as keeping the right tire pressure all make a bigger difference than you may realize.
For the rest, come to LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter.
• Ensure good traction and handling by rotating and replacing tires on schedule.
• Keep components cool and protected by changing fluids like oil, coolant, and trans-mission fluid.
• Ensure smooth, sure stops on any surface, and in any weather, with Chevrolet brake service.
• Make sure your car is ready for long trips or cold weather with a battery check or re-placement.
• Get the most out of the advanced tech in your new Chevy vehicle, including its info-tainment system and OnStar®, with help from your Chevy dealer.
• Perhaps most importantly, if something seems like it might be wrong, it probably is. Don’t wait to fix it — call or stop by so we can get you back on the road safe and sound.

One last thing to remember: service intervals are a rule of thumb, and in our experi-ence, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stopping by a bit early. That’s especially true when we’re running Chevy parts and service specials. For all your parts and ser-vice needs, call ahead or just drop in today!