Visit Our Chevy Service Center for Seasonal Service

It’s always a good idea to make routine trips to your nearest Chevy service center if you want your car to stay in great condition. And right now is an especially good time to visit our certified Chevy technicians here at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter.

Now that we’re well into spring and on our way into summer, we’re reminding you to come in and have our team get your car in exceptional shape.

Why Should I Time my Maintenance with the Seasons?

You certainly don’t have to, however, think of it as a reminder. Spring is great time to come in for service because the weather tends to distinctly shift from being cold and icy to being warmer and more pleasant.

You’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is ready for the summer and to ensure you’re up to date on oil changes. And since car batteries tend to have a harder time in warmer temperatures, you should also get your battery checked.

Conversely, fall is another perfect season to come in for service. One important service to get this in the fall is tire service. Not only will you want to check for any tears and ensure your tire pressure is right, but you’ll also want to get a tire rotation to balance out your traction. The last thing you want are your tires struggling to grip icy roads.

Our Chevy Service Center

To get your car ready for warmer temperatures and endless fun over the summer, make your way to our Dexter Chevy service center. We offer top-notch oil selections for your Chevy car, including fully synthetic oil that operates exceptionally well.

During your appointments, we will also make sure your tires are at the right pressure, check your air filters, and check your lights as part of our multi-point car inspection. You can also trust us for repairs with genuine OEM Chevy parts if you have a check engine light come on or notice your car isn’t driving quite right.

Be sure to check our Chevy service specials to see how you can save during your service appointment. Schedule your appointment with us today!