Voice Your Questions Prior to Signing a Lease

Signing A Lease

If you contact our Chevrolet financing center to inquire about a Chevy lease, you’ll learn that a lease is a binding contract. For this reason, the time to ask about a lease is before you sign it.

Once you sign on the dotted line, you’re locked into a lease until it expires. If you’re new to leasing, you might wonder about the things you should inquire about. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of questions even seasoned lessees may want to ask.

Which Cars can I Lease?

All the new Chevy cars at our location are eligible for leasing.

Do you have any Lease Specials?

We’re proud to offer Chevrolet leasing specials on our website. Our rotating offers give qualified drivers the chance to benefit from better lease terms, which might lower their upfront costs or monthly lease payments.

Is Leasing the Right Move for me?

Our team of Chevrolet dealers serving Ann Arbor, MI can tell you that leasing is a smart move for some motorists. If you only have a small down payment and you want your monthly payments to be a low as possible, you may be better off leasing instead of financing an automobile. Drivers who want to get a new vehicle every few years and drive less than average might want to lease a vehicle instead of purchasing one.

Can I Lease if my Credit Score isn’t Great?

The credit score “parameter” for lessees is typically around 619. Even if your credit score is below that benchmark, we can still help you secure a Chevy lease, but your interest rate might be a bit higher, or you may have put more money down when you sign your contract.

What is the Residual Value?

Prospective lessees should inquire about the residual value that’s included in their contracts. Residual value refers to the amount a lessor believes a leased car will be worth at the end of a lease. The more a lessor thinks your leased vehicle will be worth at the end of your contract, the lower your monthly payments will be. That’s because your lessor should be able to command a higher purchase price when the automobile is sold after you return it to the dealership.

How Quickly can I Lease an Automobile?

You can lease a new Chevy car as early as today when you visit LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter.

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