What are Some Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Service?

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Over the many years you own your car, you’ll visit our dealership dozens of times for regular maintenance. However, a situation might also arise when your car needs immediate Chevy service – and it helps to know the warning signs.

Weird Noises

Weird noises such as squeaking, clicking, and hissing are all indications of a problem with your car. For example, if you hear a hissing from under the hood while your car is idling, it could be due to an overheating engine or a leak in one of the hoses. Similarly, constant squeaking when you press the brake pedal likely means the brake pads are worn out.

Colored Puddles

At some time or another, every Chevy car will form puddles under the chassis. Sometimes these are harmless, e.g., condensation coming out of the air conditioning system on a hot summer day.

However, if the puddle is a colored liquid, you’ll need to schedule service right away. A brown puddle could be caused by leaking power steering fluid or brake fluid. On the other hand, a dark red hued puddle is likely transmission fluid.

Reduced Power

There are several reasons why your car might experience reduced power. If we’re talking about reduced power in an electrical sense, for example the dimming of exterior or interior lights or trouble getting the engine to turn over, these could be the product of an expired battery.

On the other hand, an engine that’s exhibiting reduced power could suffer from a lack of oil or an issue with the car’s exhaust system. Visit LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter and we’ll get to the root of the problem.


Beyond standard road-related vibrations, your car may at some point elicit vibrations of a more irregular nature. Many times, these are due to a problem with the car’s suspension – for example, a broken strut or an out-of-whack axle.

A loose wheel or a knocking engine are two things that could lead to unnatural vibrations. Bring your car in and our service and Chevy parts team will quickly diagnose the issue.

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With the help of our crack service team, any problems that arise with your car will be fixed well before they become a major problem. Take advantage of our expertise by making an appointment at our nearby Chevy dealership today.

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