What’s the Difference Between an Auto Body Shop and a Chevy Service Center?

If you live in the Ann Arbor area, you know where to go for a Chevrolet service center. But you might not know that LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter is also a great place to go when you need a Chevrolet collision center. But you might be wondering what the real difference is between a collision center and a service center. Allow us to clear the air.

Our Chevy Service Center

A Chevy service center is here to help with maintenance tasks, so your car runs longer without breakdowns, and for repairs if they should come up.
Think of routine maintenance like brake service, battery service, new tires, or an oil change. We also address many types of minor damage, including replacing broken mirrors and lights, or a bit of tire repair.

LaFontaine Collision and Body Shops

A body shop addresses extensive damage that comes in the aftermath of a collision. Things like major dents, fender benders, bumper and panel replacements are cause for a visit to our collision center.
We’re here for a range of other types of work, too. Besides auto glass repair and re-placement, we also cover paint work (from touchups to whole-car repainting, which comes in handy if you’re restoring an older vehicle to like-new condition), and even a mobile lease turn-in mobile repair unit.
Besides offering multiple locations (including Lansing, Fenton, Dearborn, and Ypsilanti), we’re helpful in another regard as well. We’ll help you navigate the many insurance headaches that often come with auto body work.

Auto Repairs and Body Work in the Ann Arbor Area

There are Chevy models in every configuration imaginable, with a range of service needs that’s just as diverse. The service center at your Chevy dealership serving Ann Arbor is here for maintenance and repairs, with our body shops taking care of the rest.
What both have in common is a team that works hard to get you back on the road safe and sound, as quickly as possible. Call or visit LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter today!