Why Our Chevy Dealers Believe Car Financing is Better than Leasing

Chevy Financing

Whether to finance or lease a new car is a question that most car shoppers ask themselves. The choice depends on your priorities – but as you’ll see, our knowledgeable dealers believe that Chevy financing is the best choice.

What’s the Difference between Financing and Leasing a Car?

Financing an SUV or one of our electric trucks means that you either pay cash or take out a loan to cover the purchase. You take title to the vehicle, and you build equity in the car over time.

When the loan is fully paid off, you own the car outright. When you lease a car, you make lease payments that allow you to drive the car for a set length of time, typically three years. However, you don’t take the title or build equity. When the lease expires, you return the car to us.

Why Financing is the Best Choice

No Mileage or Wear-and-Tear Restrictions

Unlike a car lease, when you finance a vehicle, you won’t be charged any fees related to excess mileage and/or wear and tear to the car. You can drive it for as many miles as you like, in any conditions, on any road.

No Limits to Customization

When you lease a car, you can’t customize it. However, when you finance one of our new or used Chevy cars, you also have full control over how you improve your car or modify its appearance. You can add whatever parts or accessories you want, change the paint color, and replace the upholstery.

Potential Tax Deduction

If you use your car for business, it’s likely you’ll be able to deduct any expenses related to depreciation and mileage. Just make sure you keep records of everything. On the other hand, there are no tax benefits to leasing a car.

Long-Term Value

In the short term, it’s probably cheaper to lease a car. However, in the long run, when you finance a car at our Chevy dealership it’s cheaper overall to buy a car, pay it off, and hold onto it for as long as possible.

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Deciding between financing or leasing a car at LaFontaine Chevrolet Dexter comes down to your lifestyle, driving needs, and financial situation. But most of the time, financing is the better decision in the long run. Visit us today so we can talk further about your objectives and arrange a test drive.

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